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Washington Apartments
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Washington Escape is all about independence and privacy. You get the keys to your own apartment in Washington. Our central apartments are typically much larger than cramped hotel rooms and come equipped with a huge range of facilities including fully equipped kitchens so you have the option of dining in or out. No more watching television from the edge of a hotel bed, now you'll have a comfortable couch or snuggle into a bean bag.


You can come and go as you please and have no one watching what time your staying out till or who your coming home with.


Peace and privacy guaranteed


The really great thing however, you'll save money too. Just look at our price comparison:


Apartments cost on less than typical hotel room and you don't get the following


Full kitchen


Nearly twice the size of average hotel rooms


Flexible check-out times


Extra privacy


Multiple bedroom suites


Free late check out (where possible)



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